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Please note I am not a doctor or vet and therefore I do not diagnose, prescribe, treat or prevent disease.  If you are unwell, please consult your doctor or if your animal is sick please consult your vet. I assume no responsibility or liability for your health. By having a session with me you are claiming responsibility for your own health or the health of your animal.An important step in your spiritual development. In some cases, you may develop a worsening of symptoms as your body lets go of what has been cleared. This is actually a positive sign and is known as a healing crisis. (If you are suicidal or very depressed it is advisable to see your doctor or another health professional to help you). You may also feel tired (your body is probably working hard)! Your body may instantly bring new issues to the surface for clearing, yay, go body! Healing is definitely a journey. Please note that if you have a McTimoney therapy session it is advisable to have a couple of quiet days after without heavy physical work. Your body may have had a lot of structural changes and is a little vulnerable for a few days. You may also feel stiff and sore as muscles have to adapt to correct posture and alignment. Having said that, most people report feeling much better after.

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